We specialize in small wood boxes and other quality wood products such as hourglasses, guitars, China cabinets, ornamental bowls and many others, which make good gifts, all built to last…

  • Wood Musical Instruments
  • Jewelry
  • Hourglasses
  • Ornamental Bowls
  • Furniture
  • Custom Items

The Wooden Gem was established in 1981, and we serve clients nationwide and throughout the world. Our work has been published in “The Art of Making Small Wood Boxes” and “The Art of the Router” and has been featured on QVC.

We have a CNC router for precision quality. Much of the work is still handcrafted. We provide our customers with wooden reels for electrical purposes, hourglasses, design & construction, specialty items, small boxes with exotic and domestic hardwoods, China cabinets, guitars, dulcimers and ornamental bowls. We make quality, long-lasting products. References and brochures available. Call today for more information.

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